Friday, 27 April 2018

Want to treat acne quickly? A dermatologist can help you!

We all well acknowledge the fact that the dermatologist acne treatments are the most proficient ones if compared to some other available options. The reason for this is that unlike other varieties of treatments, the treatments that dermatologist in Delhi recommends can help an individual to treat specific acne forms and infection categories. Consequently, these treatments are more resourceful than any other alternatives that you can find in the market nowadays. Another imperative thing that you must know is that maximum dermatologists possess a cosmic experience in treating diverse varieties of acne. This deciphers that a specialist can recommend the right treatment for you from the very first time and can save you from the annoyance of trying several unproductive treatments.

Why to treat acne quickly?

Postponing treatment can leads to acne scars that cannot be gotten rid of without cosmetic treatments. Luckily, even in the case of severe acne, these scars can be avoided by treating the location of breakouts speedily and resourcefully. A knowledgeable dermatologist can support you to stop your breakouts very quickly and thus lower the probability of battling with acne for life.

Natural therapies versus dermatologist treatments

Unquestionably, there are lots of natural therapies that an individual can use to get rid of acne. However, it is vital to know that in some circumstances; only the dermatologist acne treatment options can factually help you to confiscate this problem permanently. This is because in most circumstances, the natural and over-the-counter options are not apt for curing specific types of acne. If you do not know much about acne treatment options, the superlative decision you can take is to seek professional guidance. There are copious factors that a dermatologist in Delhi takes into contemplation so that he can recommend the right treatment to you. In most cases, people who suffer from acne are recommended by dermatologist at Delhi Laser Clinic to avoid any oil-based makeup, cosmetics and other things that can trigger acne. Moreover, the dermatologist acne treatments do not only take into consideration the kind of acne but also the skin nature. The nature of skin is certainly a key factor for finding an appropriate acne treatment for any individual. The reason for this is that acne, to a large extent, depends on the sebum manufacturing. Many dermatologist treatments balance the body functions that are linked to sebum production and are able to create the precise base for medicine. At our clinic, we use high-end technology and acne treatments to get you rid of annoying acne issues.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Going For Tattoo Removal? Here Are Answers To Important Questions

Many people decide to get tattoos but later regret either because they are not proper or because they don’t suit the skin well. This decision change is not as easy as many people think. Earlier, there were hardly any treatments available, but now, there’s a procedure named laser tattoo removal that allows people to get rid of them with great ease.
Initially, it is good to fix a consultation with a professional doctor; wrongly done procedure might have many side effects. With initial meetings, a good rapport is developed between the patient and the surgeon; once trust is gained, there’s total comfort during the process. 

Several questions pop up in the minds of patients before they actually go for tattoo removal in Delhi. In this article, we have discussed some of them along with their answers. Check it out.
1.      What is the cost
Many patients give priority to the price factor. It is important to find a surgeon who’s offering competitive pricing. One should do thorough research so that the pricing structure is well-defined. Select someone who answers all queries with regards to the price. At the same time, quality of the procedure must also be taken into consideration. At times, the cost of removing the tattoo is 5 times higher than that of applying it.
2.      How much time will it take?
The duration of this process matters to a great extent. Many of them are actually concerned about how much time the removal will take. Some prefer removing it before wedding while some wish to remove before joining the army. The time depends on the ability of the body as well. This should be discussed with the doctor well before hand, as it differs from person to person. Expectations must be set clearly so that the experience is satisfying.
3.      What about scars?
This is a big worry that candidates have. They expect skin to appear completely normal even after the procedure. However, this is not the case always. Since, it’s a medical procedure, scars are inseparable. One should be prepared for the same.
4.      Will there be any side effects?
Side effects are obvious. Some of them are necessary so that the ink goes away from the skin.  But, they last for just few days.

Dr. S. K. Kashyap is a specialized doctor & can effectively remove that unwanted ink from your skin, to make it look the way you want. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Expert Tips From A Professional Dermatologist

When we talk about the don’ts and do’s of skin care, many things have to be taken into consideration and have to be controlled. For instance, makeup must be removed before going to bed or hand soap mustn’t be used on the face etc.

Skin being the most important organ of the body needs vital care. You need to know some proper tips and tricks so that you don’t fall prey to skin diseases. Delve a bit deep and discover your dermis. Given below are some important things that you need to follow.

  • Firstly select the right dermatologist

There are many who claim to be skin experts. However, it’s important to find the best dermatologist in Dwarka who has completed her training properly. If there are any doubts, the specialization certificate must be seen.

  • Not everyone is good to go with facials

People must avoid spa facials and high street facials because it might tend to cause many breakouts, rosacea or acne. Studies have shown that breakouts are aggravated owing to these facials. Only medical grade facials are recommended.

  • Diet matters to a great extent

We have heard a lot about the role of diet in skin care. People should surely consider the effects of the same on the skin. Many people don’t know that a good and healthy diet will keep the skin shiny and glowing. If proper diet is taken, aging can be controlled to a great extent.

  • Stress leads to aging

We have heard a lot about stress and aging. Often, people overlook the side-effects of stress. Meditation can help in this. Even cortisol levels can be controlled. This is indeed a key to control the process of aging.

  • Use clarisonic brush

This is infact a wonderful addition to the skin care routine of the people, true for people of polluted cities. Pollution left-overs in the pores are cleared and it’s 100 percent better than manual cleansing. People who are having inflamed pimples or spots should definitely avoid using it.

  • Managing moles

It’s important to do mole checks time and again; go to a good dermatologist and get it checked. Going once a year is totally fine. The skin must be self-examined once a year. Skin checks can be performed at home too.

  • Customized skin care

Many people have that assumption that rich and thick creams are good for skin that’s sensitive. However it is not always right. The skin care products must be tailored as per the condition and type of the skin. Dermatologist’s advice should be considered. A dermatologist having a specialization in skincare and dermatology must be contacted.

  • Show some patience

People who suffer from acne start the treatments but are not patient enough to wait for results. this must be avoided. With time, everything is healed well.

Dr. S. K. Kashyap Pant is the best dermatologist in Dwarka and he can give some expert tips for maintaining your skincare regime. Visit Delhi Laser Clinic now itself.